About ONTA

ONTA is an alliance of tenants, residents, housing providers, individual members of residential non-profit co-operatives, supporters and associate members, united in pursuit of the following goals:

  1. To educate tenants, and landlords and the general public about issues concerning tenants and housing policy;
  2. To provide information, support and other assistance to tenants and landlords;
  3. To organize and encourage the organization of tenants and provide a forum for tenant engagement, communication, networking and sharing of knowledge and experience;
  4. To further the interests of tenants by lobbying and otherwise campaigning for tenants’ protection in the laws; and
  5. To promote decent and affordable housing as the right of all Canadians and residents.

Who we are – Board of Directors

Bradley Truax
President and Executive Director

Bradley is a paralegal licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. He primarily practices in the areas of Human Rights and Landlord and Tenant Law. Since 2006, Bradley has worked with tenants as an advocate and organizer in various communities across Ontario. In addition to his legal practice, Bradley works part-time with a Toronto based not-for-profit organization as a community shelter worker. Bradley attended Humber College’s paralegal education program where he graduated with honours. Subsequently, Bradley attended George Brown College’s Community Worker Program to learn about community activism and organizing. Bradley is currently finishing his Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Criminal Justice.

Raphael Friess
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Raphael has 12 years of Management and Coordination experience in a diverse list of fields. They started their involvement with Ontario Tenant Rights and ONTA in early 2018. Raphael is an opinionated community advocate and believes strongly in the need for greater protection of tenants and landlords in Ontario.

Cathy Doyle

Cathy Doyle is an experienced professional with extensive Board experience in the charitable and NFP sectors. Ms. Doyle has a strong interest in housing and urban issues, and her current volunteer activities are related to victim crisis counselling and tenancy.

Elle Gallagher
Assistant Treasurer and Fundraising Coordinator

Currently serving on 2 other boards, including The Toronto Roma Community Centre, and The Children’s Storefront EarlyON Drop-in Centre, Elle has a background in HR, recruiting, sales, and FOH restaurants. Their main field of recent study involved working on client-centred anti-oppression issues and policy initiatives, focusing on counselling of marginalized refugees and immigrants, seniors, the LGBTQ community, homeless adults and those experiencing poverty and mental health issues, and Elle’s goal is to ensure sensitivity in communicating across diverse social locations and service user delivery models here at ONTA.

Damian Williams
Chief Advocacy and Outreach Officer (CAOO)

Damian is a paralegal licensed by the Law Society of Ontario, a Mortgage Agent, and a prominent member of his community. So much so, that his passion for finding members of the community affordable housing led him to run for City Council in 2018. He primarily practices in the areas of Provincial Offences and Landlord and Tenant Law. Since 2016, Damian has worked with members of the public as an advocate and volunteer in various communities across the province. In addition to his legal practice, Damian works hard to find affordable housing through his means and expertise as a Mortgage Agent. Damian attended Durham College’s paralegal education program where he graduated and has since helped numerous students complete their required placement hours by giving them a real-world perspective on the profession and what it truly means to advocate for those without a voice.

Kyle Rodgers
Chief Employment and Volunteer Officer (CEVO)

Kyle Rodgers is a current Paralegal student at Humber College and has experience in Student Administration and Activism as a previous Board member at the George Brown College Student Association. A longtime renter, he is firm in his convictions around the supports needed for both tenants and landlords.

Gilles Frenette
Chair of the Board of Directors

Gilles Frenette is currently a member of the Mabelle Resident’s Association and Secretary of Unifor Local 25. An active volunteer for the last 15 years, his activities have included advocating for freedom of information, ethical recycling and bridging the technology gap for marginalized groups.

Who we are – Other Officers

Daniel Greanya


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